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About the Exness contest

There are many things in common between football and forex trading. They both need skills, concentration, excellent tactics and many more. So if you want to improve your trading skills in a risk-free environment, with real money and prizes waiting for the winners at the finish line, the Only The Best trading contest from Exness is a place to go to.

Exness contest

Exness contest registration and participation

Any clients who already have registered a Personal Area with Exness are allowed to take part in the contest conducted by Exness. Once you have registered for a contest, you must open a special contest account and choose a nickname that will be used to monitor your contest activity later on.

Exness will determine the initial deposit required for contests, as well as the leverage and other indicators. You can easily check those information on the company’s website. Do notice that a trader chooses leverage amount only once during registration and cannot subsequently change it.

Exness will determine the duration of each contest and it will be specified in a press release and/or on the company’s official website.

In order to identify a client who registers for a contest, the user's credentials for his or her Personal Area may be verified. This verification procedure is described in the press release and/or on the company's website. Based on the results of the verification, the client is permitted to register for the contest.

Each trader must use only one contest demo account for each contest. You cannot use a single account to take part in multiple contests. However, you can open contest accounts for several different contest in the same Personal Area.

Exness contest general rules

Exness will publish the time frame for each contest in a press release and/or on the company’s official website. Contest participants are not allowed to trade using their contest accounts before the announcement of the beginning of the contest.

The results of each contest will be tallied according to the rules for the contest as described in the press release and/or on the company’s official website. You still can keep on trading using your contest account after the end of a contest, but the results of those trades will not be tallied for the contest results.

Exness will publish a table showing the ranking of contest participants. It will be in the form of a list of contestants’ nicknames and their trading results, including account balance, account funds, account growth and other indicators, including extended data about the contestants’ contest accounts. However, Exness will not publish actual data about an account holder without his/her consent.

Contest participants can either trade manually or using Expert Advisors, except in cases when the contest rules indicate that a particular trading strategy is not prohibited as presented in the press release and/or on the official website of the company.


After the end of each contest, it will take several days for Exness specialists to complete the clearing process. The end of clearing date will be the same as the date winners receive their prizes.

During the clearing process, contestants’ trading history will be reviewed to ensure that it complies with all contest rules. If a participant is found to be in violation of the rules, he or she will be disqualified and prizes will be redistributed accordingly.

Only the best prizes

Winners shall be selected based on the deciding indicators for each contest, in accordance with the rules of the contest published in the press release and/or on the company’s official website.

Participants will be ranked using the data from the contest account monitoring table. Prizes will be described in the press release and/or on the company’s official website. The rules for prize distribution will be similarly disclosed.

Exness best contest

If a prize is a material object, Exness can provide the winning Client with monetary compensation equal to the value of the prize. The compensation will be transferred in the form of funds to the contest winner’s Exness trading account.

If the terms of a contest specify that prize funds will be awarded in the form of a bonus, the winner’s use of the funds in the future will be governed by Exness' general rules about bonuses. The funds will not be available for withdrawal, but of course can be used for trading. Any profit earned with the use of the bonus funds can be disposed of at the trader’s discretion.

The company can distribute both the general results of the contest as well as the results for each contest participant in online and offline media outlets.

If the total amount of money in a contestant’s competition account is equal to or less than the amount of the starting deposit, in other words, if the competition participant has not increased his starting deposit after the tournament, the competitor cannot claim a winning place or prize places in the competition.

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