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At present, Exness provides a full range of trading tools for traders including: MT4, MT5 software, and mobile applications for you to trade anywhere you want. So why should you have Exness MT4 download to your phone/computer?

In particular, Exness has very good security, if your account has unusual activities, it will temporarily lock your account to verify the money, which will make it difficult for customers. However, it is one of the best ways to ensure the security of your account, especially in the time when internet transactions are developing rapidly, the risk of account hacking is very likely.

Exness MT4

  • Types of pending orders: Buy Stop, Sell Stop; Buy Limit, Sell Limit; Take Profit, Stop Loss
  • Multi-time frames supported: 9 default frames
  • Maximum leverage: 1: infinity
  • Types of accounts supported:

             Standard Cent

             Standard account

             Pro account

             Zero and ECN

            Raw Spread

  • Programming language: MQL4
  • Trading products: Currency pairs, forex, digital currencies, energy

Have Exness MT4 download here.

Exness MT5

  • Types of pending orders: Buy Stop, Sell Stop; Buy Limit, Sell Limit; Take Profit, Stop Loss; Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop Limit
  • Multi time frame 21 time frame (default and custom)
  • Maximum leverage of 1: 2000
  • Account types: Standard, Pro, Raw Spread and Zero
  • Programming language: MQL5
  • Trading products: Currency pairs, forex, digital currencies, energy, indices, stocks

Have Exness MT5 download here.

Thus, looking at the information from the two types of software provided by Exness, you will see that they are a little different between leverage, product, time frame and programming language. We also want to remind you one more time: if you want to trade stocks you must open an account on MT5 software to trade this product. Basically, MT5 is an improvement of MT4 so they will have more advantages such as: Exness provides more than 38 integrated indicators, 22 analysis tools and 46 graphical objects for MT5. Meanwhile, Exness MT4 provides only 23 analytical objects and 30 integrated technical indicators.

In addition, not only stop at 4 basic pending orders, at MT5, Exness also provides two other types of pending orders: Buy Stop Limit, and Sell Stop Limit, extremely familiar orders if anyone has ever traded money. electronics on platforms like Binance for example. Of course, both MT4 and MT5 are supported by Exness for mobile devices of two operating systems, iOS and Android.

How to log in your Exness MT4 account on phone

  • Download MetaTrader 4 account to your phone. It is availabe on the Appstore and Google Play.

Exness MT4 step 1

  • Find Exness for your broker

Exness MT4 step 2

  • Choose the server you're trading with your existing account.

Exness MT4 step 3

  • After choosing the server, login to your account with your acount number and password. You can choose Save Password for quick login later.

Exness MT4 step 4

  • Then you will go to your account. If not, tap the menu button on the top left corner and choose Manage Your Account

Exness MT4 step 5

  • Start trading.

I hope that after this article, you know why you should have Exness MT4 download to your phone/computer, as well as MT5. Exness is a very good forex broker. If you want to learn more about Exness, go to my Exness reviews.


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