Exness Mini account is the account for all traders. When you want to become a professional trader on Forex, you should choose the biggest market possible. Exness can provide you with the best professional trading condition and highest quality ever. You can trade easily on a variety of platforms such as MT4, MT5, Mobile platform, and web terminal.

For starters, maybe the first thing you should consider is what type of accounts you should choose. There are 4 account types of Exness, which are Cent, Mini, Classic, and ECN. You can check this link to have a closer look and start register right now. However, today I want to talk the most popular account type at Exness, the Mini Account.

About Exness Mini Account

Exness Mini account is designed for beginners in the Forex market. At Exness, there are approximately four out of every five traders choose Mini account. Why so? Because when you have a Mini account, you just need to deposit only 1 USD to start trading. Moreover, the minimum volume when you trade is only 0.01 lot. Exness spread is relatively low, just from 0.3, and in Asia, the leverage is up to unlimited, a key feature of Exness that is highly appreciated by professional traders. Also, similar to the Cent and Classic account, the Mini account is not charged any commission on trading volume by Exness. The maximum volume of position you can open is 200 lots (at Exness Limited VC). When trading with Mini account, you mostly gain trading experience since you are more flexible to control your risk and, therefore, you will become more confident in trading currency pairs.

Exness Mini account

Exness quick review

If you are a new trader and you want to look for a decent forex broker to trade with, Exness is the perfect broker for you. Exness' trading fees are really cheap. Traders can open an account for just 1 dollar. Moreover, the spread and commission here are among the top lowest in the market. Beginners won't have to worry about losing too much money when they start trading at Exness.

If you have just passed the beginner's level and want to advance more in forex trading, Exness is also suitable for you. Exness is a top reliable forex broker (FCA regulation) that has many experience in this market. Its trading platforms are all up-to-date and the servers here are exceptional. All of your orders will be executed in no time.

Finally, for professionals in forex trading, Exness offers top security, transparency, and lowest prices. Give Exness payment system a try. It is the only automatic system in the market. All deposits and withdrawals are completed in the matter of seconds. No other brokers can give you that.

Main Advantages of Exness Mini account

As mentioned above, you will have many benefits when open a Mini account.

Unlimited leverage

Leverage is the ratio of equity to loan capital. When you decide to trade in the forex market, you must first open a margin account with a forex broker. The leverage usually range from 1:50 to 1:200, which means the minimum required margin is from 1/50 (2%) to 1/200 (0.5%). However, with the Mini account, you can experience unlimited leverage, which leads to the margin being none.

Check Exness leverage here.

Mini lots

Since you can open a large number of Mini lots with Mini account, you can control the risk more precisely. For example, you want to open a long position in the EURUSD pair. If you think a standard $100,000-unit lot is too much of a risk, you can open ten $5,000-unit lots, which is just half of that standard lot position. Furthermore, the lots are arranged precisely according to appropriate risk and leverage. Thus, it gives you more flexibility. Moreover, for inexperienced traders, trading with Mini accounts helps you minimize the risk but you can still experience the real world trading conditions, preparing you for professional and bigger trades in the future. Also, this might be a good chance for you to try different trading tactics.

Check Exness mini lots here.


Of course, people tend to be very cautious when it comes to trading money. Exness understands that so they made the operations at Exness as transparent as possible. There is no commission or fee charged when you trade with Mini account or any other types. Check Exness transparency  here.

Instant withdrawal

Exness' instant withdrawal system is truly a game changer in the forex market. The difference is really significant when you withdraw or transfer money here. If you have ever traded with other brokers, you can clearly notice how long it takes for them to perform the task, sometimes up to hours. At Exness, that job is taken care of by the machines so the time required is only milliseconds.

Check Exness withdrawal system  here.

Mini account 

Disadvantages of Exness Mini account

High spread: With Mini accounts, the spread is a little higher than that of Classic or ECN accounts, at 0.3.

How to Register Exness Mini account

Just follow the five basic steps below:

  1. Go to https://www.exness.com/signup/
  2. Put in your email address, phone number, and a password to generate Personal Area. Then, verify your email and phone number.
  3. Input your general details: Title, First, Last name, Day of Birth then accept the T&C.
  4. Choose your security type and security word.
  5. Finally, you can now register multiple accounts, including Mini account.

Exness Mini account is suitable for traders with some knowledge or experience in Forex trading, or even beginners. Traders can easily trade with larger volumes than Cent account and can apply a variety of trading methods with different accounts. Exness Mini account is very simple to register and you can start trading with the world today.

Fanara Filippo
Fanara Filippo
Hey, I’m Fanara Filippo. I’m a writer living in Vietnam. I have been trading forex for more than 5 years. You can read my articles about the best forex brokers on this page. Let’s review brokers today.


  1. Jasmin says:

    Thanks in support of sharing such a good thinking, article is good, thats why i have read it fully

  2. mduduzi thobela says:

    Hello So I open are mini acc with exness. New trader so I deposit 5usd with the leaverage of 1:200 and whn I put are trade Eg: Eur/Usd it says not enough money!! Wat leaverage is suit for the acc balance?

  3. Aquene Bell says:

    Is Mini account better than Cent account of Exness? Should we start with Mini right away?

    1. Fanara Filippo says:

      Cent is for beginners in forex trading while Mini is for people with more experience. You choose based on how good you're right now.

  4. Bianca Avon says:

    How can I use Unlimited leverage with Mini account?

    1. Fanara Filippo says:

      Here's your answer: https://brokerreview.net/exness-unlimited-leverage-2018

  5. Blanche Bonnie says:

    I have traded with Exness Mini account for a long time. It is so good that I don't want to change to anything any more.

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