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Tired of trading forex? Well you can find a new way to make money from your forex broker by becoming an IB of the broker. And today I will also introduce a very good broker who has an excellent IB program. So, check out what you need to be an Exness broker IB.

Exness IB

Exness partner

What is an IB?

IB, short for Introducing Broker, is someone who find new customers for forex brokers. This is the simplest form of cooperation between a person and a forex broker. Almost all of IB are already forex traders, so that they know a lot about the market.

The process of becoming an IB is quite simple. First, you just need to apply to be one on the broker’s site. After the registration, it’s your job to find and introduce new customers for the broker. You will earn commissions when the customer opens an account. This commission comes straight from the broker’s pocket. Nothing relates to the amount of money that customer deposits in.

An IB has to know the broker inside out so that he or she can introduce all of the broker’s strengths and weaknesses to a potential customer. They should be a trader who has already experienced the broker’s platform in order to answer all the questions in case the customer has any.

Nowadays, IB is the best way for brokers to find new customers.

Exness partner

How to become an IB

What are the benefits of being an IB?

Here are the benefits of being an IB for you to consider if you want to be one someday:

  • This is a commission program. If more customers join, the more money the broker will pay for the IB.
  • There are a variety of commission options to choose from and the better your business is, the higher your commission will be.
  • Transparent and flexible payment
  • There may be support for many online payment gateways, including e-wallets that you can safely use and withdraw your commissions effectively.
  • The brokers often have dedicated and friendly multilingual support to attract new customers.
  • Staff are always enthusiastic and always ready to give guidance and support. This is like a standard for all forex brokers. They need to treat the IB nice so that they are willing to work better.
  • Secure and fast access to your personal data, client trading results, commission and profit updates.
  • The brokers often support your promotional media if you have a website, Facebook page or Youtube channel... You can market your IB link through: banners, widgets, booklets, email templates, cover pages on Facebook and many other social channels to help you promote your service.

Those are the benefits of an forex IB that you can’t ignore.

Why you should choose Exness to be an IB

Exness is one of the best forex brokers in the world right now. Actually, they are the biggest forex broker in the world. Their client base is huge. Therefore, their IB team must be pretty good and impressive to find them that many clients.

Exness IB program

Currently, they have roughly about 18,000 IB all over the world. The most that one of them can make is over 800,000 dollars a month. That is really impressive.

When you have signed up to become an Exness partner, they will give you a referral link so that you can give to your customers. So when the customer clicks on your link and gets directed to the Exness page and opens an account, you will get commissions on that.

Check out the perks and conditions of being an Exness broker IB:

  • Exness is reliable. They are regulated by the FCA and CySEC, two of the most prestigious financial organizations in Europe so you know Exness can be trusted.
  • Daily payment: You actually get paid daily and you can get access to your payment anytime you want.
  • Exness also provides you with all the tools you need to promote their service. Just contact them directly and ask for what you need.
  • Multiple withdrawal methods: you can withdraw your commission by a variety of methods including VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and UnionPay…

Other Exness partner programs

In addition to IB of Exness, the most popular form of cooperation at this forex broker, traders can choose other forms of partnering with Exness as follows:

Exness Affiliate Program:

Affiliate can be said to be a gentler and easier program than doing IB on Exness floor. For IB, you need customers to actually trade at Exness to receive commissions. As for the Affiliate program, all you need is to refer customers to Exness and open a trading account.

However, because it is easier, the commission of the Affiliate program will be lower than that of Exness IBs. If the person you refer makes the first deposit, you will receive a commission as follows:

  • Clients deposit $10 - $30: $100 commission.
  • Clients deposit $30 - $150: $300 commission.
  • Clients deposit $150 - $600: $500 commission.
  • Clients deposit over $600: $1650 commission.

In addition, there are some conditions you need to know that the clients you refer must trade at least 0.1 lots within 6 months from the time of deposit and in 2 months you must refer at least 5 new customers then you will receive the commission.

You can also get a commission when a referral customer opens an account, but this commission is only $25 maximum when opening an account on the web and up to $5 when opening an account on the app.

If you don’t know anything about the broker to register as an Exness IB, you should open a trading account with them to understand the platform better. Exness is one of the leading forex brokers in the world and is extremely safe to trade at. For more details, check out our full Exness review.


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