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Exness offers 4 types of accounts are: Cent, Mini, Classic and ECN. Exness Cent account is the best account for beginners. In this Exness Cent account review, you will be able to find some characteristics of this great account that is going to be truly helpful in your trading journey.

Recently, Exness just had a full make-over. It has a new look and new account name. Cent account is now called Standard Cent account.  Click to learn about Exness Standard Cent account now.

exness cent account

Why Cent account?

The Cent account is a real forex account and your trading currency is Cent. So your contract size will be smaller 1/100 regular contract size.

Example: 1 regular lot size is 100k USD. And 1 Cent lot size is 100k Cent = 1000 USD.

Cent account is good for beginners because you can trade in real trading conditions: real spread, real quotes, real volatility, and basically, real everything. So, if you trade Cent account well, you can trade other accounts well also.

The truth is that trading Cent account will build your discipline. Because if you don’t follow risk management, you will lose all of your funds right away. You can deposit 10$ and get 1000 USC in your account. And with this 1000 USC, you can open hundreds of orders to practice trading.

The best part of this is that it’s a real account so you can withdraw all your money and gain your profit whenever you want. You may lose all your 10$ deposit. But, $10 it’s all you need to practice for a month, which is incredible. This low studying cost can help you practice trading in real trading conditions, and you can invest more money later on.

Exness cent account advantages

  • Exness leverage is the highest. This is good because the higher leverage the lower margin requirement. So, you will have free margin to keep your orders open.
  • You can deposit and withdraw by local payment methods instantly. The truth is that is very easy and convenient because if you are beginners it will be easier, which means it will be better.
  • You will get support in your language. It is very important for beginners because trading forex is very difficult for beginners. That’s why you need support from local supporters to help you to work in the right way and the will be able to respond all your questions understandably.
  • The most important thing is that: there isn’t minimum deposit requirement. So you can deposit a little amount of money for testing.

There isn’t doubt that Exness Cent account is the best account for forex trading beginners.


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