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After 2 years of trading at Exness, many of my friends as well as new traders have asked me questions like “Is Exness a good broker?”, “Is Exness reliable?”, “Is Exness a scammer?” and so on. Today I’ll quickly review Exness and show you why I and other traders love trading with Exness in order to give you a better understanding on this broker.

Obviously, all brokers have their strong and weak sides. The only way you could say a broker is good or not is whether its conditions and characteristics are suitable for your trading tactics or not. In my opinion, Exness is a very trust-worthy broker. Experienced traders actually enjoy trading at Exness CY more than starters, since it provides them with the best trading conditions they can’t find anywhere else. Here are some for example.

Exness instant withdrawal system

To me, instant withdrawal is the key feature that makes Exness stand out. Instant withdrawal means when you withdraw your fund or transfer money, it only takes milliseconds to complete the task. How so? Because Exness leaves that job to the machines, so it is way faster than human. Compared to other brokers, Exness’ withdrawal speed is the fastest. You can try withdraw money at Exness and other brokers to see it for yourself. The difference is significant. This is one of the main reasons why traders decide to trade at Exness.

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Different types of Exness account

There are four types of accounts on Exness, which are Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, and Zero. You can decide which type you would go with based on your trading tactics. The Standard and Standard Cent accounts require only 1 USD minimum deposit, so you can try and test your trading plans there.

Exness customer service

Exness works really hard on their customer services. Unlike other brokers, who only support in English, clients of Exness are provided with care 24/7 in Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Persian. Every target country has its own customer care team. Therefore, for traders whose mother tongue is not English, Exness is a great choice to begin their trading career. Also, Exness is audited by Deloitte, one of the top accounting company in the world, so you can believe that all the information they put on their website is absolutely reliable.

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Exness spread

Exness has very low spread, maybe the lowest in the forex market. If you trade currency pairs with fixed spread, Exness offer you the lowest spread that you can’t find anywhere else. Note that Exness spread is the lowest for the 6 most trading currency pairs. For others, it may be higher. You can review the spread of Exness here.

Exness leverage

Exness provide traders with highest leverage possible, sometimes up to unlimited leverage. Inexperienced traders might consider higher leverage riskier. However, experienced ones think that it is safer to have higher leverage. Two traders open the same order size and deposit the same amount of money. The one with the higher leverage is the safer one. Unlimited leverage means you don’t have to pay anything for margins. Therefore, you can keep your orders open for nothing.

In conclusion, Exness is a very reliable broker that provides forex traders with best trading conditions ever.


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