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What is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin? This is the question most newcomers invest in the cryptocurrency market, and the first coin they look for will be Bitcoin (BTC). Today's article, BRKV will share with you the addresses and brokers of virtual currencies to buy and sell BTC the best, cheap, safe and prestigious in the world, highly appreciated by the community as well as used today. Along with that, I will show you how to buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin in the simplest and easiest way for beginners.

cheapest way to buy BTC

Buy Bitcoin from brokers

Buying BTC on virtual currency brokers is probably the most popular way today at Chau A as well as in the world that investors choose.


  • There are many options for different brokers
  • Safe and reputable if you know how to choose a good broker
  • Limiting the risk of fraud when buying and selling transactions
  • Buy and sell quickly and conveniently in various currencies


  • The transaction fee is quite high: The fee will depend on each broker, there is a high fee broker but in broker for prestige and assurance, there is a low fee broker, usually new brokers, but the level of reputation is not high, depending on Demand that you can choose the right broker.
  • Legal risks: In most Asian countries, currently there is no clear legal framework for cryptocurrencies, 100% of brokers are not licensed to operate, so there are still potential risks. However, I have not recorded any case of Bitcoin trading on the broker that was "touched" by the authorities. Therefore, you can feel secure when buying BTC on the broker.

Here are 2 brokers that are good for buying Bitcoin

  • Exness is a familiar name for virtual currency investors in the world and is considered a pioneer in the market. Exness owns the largest BTC trading volume currently in the world, has a relatively low price difference and Exness is extremely safe and reputable. In addition to Bitcoin, Remi also supports trading of Ethereum (ETH), USDT (Tether), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • XM - an emerging cryptocurrency broker in the world not long ago, with the advantages of very good purchase prices, low transaction fees and extremely fast process of buying and selling coins. Currently, XM is supporting the purchase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, expected to add USDT and many other altcoins in the near future. XM also supports most popular banks in the world. If you do not know where to buy cheap Bitcoin, XM will be a good choice.

Buy Bitcoin from other traders

This is considered the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin because of the following reasons:

cheapest way to buy BTC


  • No transaction fee: Because the transaction is made directly between the buyer and seller, you will not have to pay transaction fees, or if you buy and sell through intermediaries, there will be a small fee, which will certainly be lower than the fee of the broker.
  • There is no legal risk: Currently most Asian countries only prohibit the use of Bitcoin and other coins as a means of payment, your purchase and sale of Bitcoin is essentially a commodity broker, so it is still appropriate. France. But it is direct trading, and when trading on the broker will be different, the broker must be registered for a new business is legal, in case of fraudulent, collapsed broker where you store coins on it is considered lost, the law will cannot protect you, that's why I said trading on the broker is a legal risk.


  • Scam Risk: There have been many new people learning about Bitcoin and how Bitcoin transactions have been tricked into losing money when trading on black markets, especially the form of buying Bitcoin online, without meeting them in person. A simple form of fraud is that you choose an unreliable buyer / seller, when you send money to them but they do not return Bitcoin to you, or trade through an intermediary, but the intermediary "steals" both. The seller's BTC and the buyer's money ran away, so both buyers and sellers were deceived. That is why when trading on the black market you have to choose a reputable, guaranteed dealer.

Where should you buy Bitcoin?

When comparing two methods, we definitely can see that buying BTC from forex brokers is way safer. But if you want to buy Bitcoin from other traders, you know and trust them. That’s the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin because you can negotiate the price. Do not try to buy Bitcoin from someone you don’t know.


Mario Draghi

Hey, I’m Mario Draghi. I’m a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been working with brokers and trading for 5 years. Hope that you'll enjoy my articles about all forex-related matters.

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