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As a trader, you must familiarize yourself with the best trading apps in the market. When everyone has a smartphone, the need for trading apps explodes. With the help of trading apps, you can make your trading much more easier. Now, let's learn 4 types of trading apps that I guarantee they will help improving your forex trading plan a lot once you download them.

best trading app

Forex analysis apps

Forex analytics applications can simplify and make it easy for you to trade forex. From quotes to charts, there are many special advanced applications built in.

  • NetDania Forex is a popular and free provider of global exchange rates and commodity data, combining resources from multiple news sources and market indices. The app also helps set up price and trend alerts and use advanced charts with those studies and notification settings.
  • Trade Optimizer is a premium application that provides 14 important trading calculators to help traders manage risk, determine trading volume and post-trade analysis. For example, the application can quickly tell investors anything from transaction expectations to see how quickly profits can increase.
  • DJ FX Trader is a free app from Dow Jones & Company that provides real-time forex news and market discussions to help generate trading ideas, while providing insight on the money. Common currencies and other valuable tools for investors.
  • FX360 is a free application from that allows forex investors to track basic and technical data for currencies and global markets. The app features live commentary, technical analysis, charts, economic calendars and forex news alerts.
  • Swiss Forex is a free app from Dukascopy Bank SA that offers a number of tools for forex traders, including real-time quotes, technical charts, market news, economic calendar, Dukascopy TV , high / low, pivot points...

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Best trading apps for forex learning and forex signals

From the forum discussions, forex learning applications can give investors an easier way to learn about forex market on the go.

  • BabyPips offers free, fun and easy-to-understand guides for beginners learning how to invest in forex. The app also gives you access to the BabyPips forum, where investors learn everything from forex investment psychology to the establishment of trading techniques.
  • FX Trader Magazine is the leading forex magazine published quarterly with macroeconomic reports, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading strategy reviews, trades, interviews with successful traders. public and market experts, psychology research and evaluation forex trading tools.

Applications for technical indicators

The forex signal app is designed to give investors buy or sell signals no matter where they are.

  • FX Trend Radar is a popular tool for traders looking for forex market analytics with different time frames. The app has an easy-to-use interface that helps investors find trends in multiple time frames, from 5-minute charts to daily charts.
  • Radar Retracement FX is an application developed by FX Trend Radar, which focuses on the identification of technical analysis.
  • FX Breakout Radar is also an application developed by FX Trend Radard. Investors have to pay to use this application, which helps identify breakout points for multiple currency pairs in real time.

Other best trading apps

There are many other forex applications that investors also want to consult. From economic calendars to market opening and closing data, these applications can help investors capture key information and ensure they trade smoothly at the right times.

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best trading apps

  • Forex Hours is a simple paid application that helps investors to know the opening hours of forex centers around the world. Investors can use the information from this app to trade on the best liquidity and see when currency pairs are most active.
  • iEconcal is one of the best trading apps that provides a complete economic calendar covering all major economies around the world. Investors can use this app to set alerts when important economic data is released in real time and update currency market information.

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