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Have you ever...

  • Losing money when trading forex?
  • Continuous exposure to unprofitable orders?
  • Going around looking for effective methods of trading but haven't found it yet?
  • Can bear unprofitable orders but cannot "take" profit orders?
  • Want to optimize your profits with a small investment?
  • Want to learn about this trillion market and make money from it?
  • Want to earn extra income besides salary?
  • choosing one of the best forex brokers to trading

I used to be like that 5 years ago. However, I stopped trading FX, focused on building the system and trading plan in a focused and serious way. I learned from the best forex course.

After a period of perfecting the system and the plan, as well as the experience drawn from the previous unprofitable trading process, I have built for myself a simple but effective trading system. As well as the most obvious trading plan. Sometimes later, I returned to trading Forex, with the right system and plan.

best forex course

As a result, my profits are steady and stable. I no longer had to spend all day plugging in charts to wish good luck for my trades. I gave up my previous traditional jobs to focus 100% on Forex, so I had more time for my family, my children, my friends and my personal travel interests. It is important that I have a clear trading direction with a simple trading system that is highly effective. My trading has become simpler and more convenient. Daily profits become more regular.

My best forex course

The most basic of forex trading

  1. You will understand what the Forex market is and how it works
  2. The reasons why you should trade with Forex
  3. The legality of Forex trading
  4. Time frame of Forex trading
  5. The basic currencies of Forex and how to read the index of currency pairs
  6. Calculation of Profit and Loss on each trade
  7. Calculation of Profit from the price movement of Forex: when entering the BUY order and when entering the SELL order
  8. 4 types of traders in Forex

How to make a sustainable profit in forex trading?

  1. You will understand How you can generate "Sustainable profits from random results"
  2. Transact like Casino
  3. The foundation of successful trading
  4. 4 basic elements to create "Sustainable profits" in every transaction
  5. 6 forms of placing orders in Forex
  6. Building and developing a "trading system" with a positive expectation

Technical analysis

  1. Principle of "Technical analysis"
  2. How to read candlestick patterns
  3. Identify Trends
  4. How to identify and Use the Support (Resistance) and Resistance (Resistance) levels as SUPPLY and DEMAND when trading
  5. Learn and Master the "Moving Average Road"
  6. How to install and use MT4 Trading Software

best forex courses

Trading volume and how to place orders

  1. Determine the transaction volume
  2. Control of Risks when trading
  3. Automatic Trading with order types

The mentality of a trader

  1. What does the winning trader think when trading?
  2. How to control and overcome negative emotions
  3. 11 common false emotions in trading
  4. 9 habits of successful traders
  5. Control your thoughts to accept a temporary account decline
  6. Program your mind to become a winning trader

Building your forex trading plan

  1. Develop and develop a successful Trading Plan for yourself
  2. Learn and build your daily trading habits for yourself
  3. How to use the Forex transaction log
  4. Distinguish Forex Brokers and Guide to Choosing Forex Brokers
  5. How to Register and Verify an Account with a Broker
  6. Instructions for installing and using MetaTrader4 software on mobile phones
  7. Trading strategy "Impulse Pinbar" when entering BUY orders and when entering SELL orders
  8. Use filtering tools to minimize risk, helping you select high-probability trades to place orders
  9. Transaction management - Risk control – Final strategy

best forex course online

About the course

  • With this course, beginner or novice Forex learners will get an overview from basic to advance.
  • The course is specifically designed to promote the strengths of each student. It is built on real experiences. Experts share the secrets learned over decades of actual combat.
  • It guides you to conduct transactions in the method that has been applied successfully by lecturers.

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Mario Draghi

Hey, I’m Mario Draghi. I’m a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been working with brokers and trading for 5 years. Hope that you'll enjoy my articles about all forex-related matters.

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BRKV is a great place to learn everything about forex trading. Thanks for all



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